How Do You Remove Old Paint From Wicker Furniture?

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1 Answer

Wicker furniture is more fragile than some other types of furniture. Due to its delicate construction, you must be very gentle when you remove old paint from wicker. Scraping too hard can damage the weave and require costly repairs. Clean the dust from the wicker furniture with a vacuum cleaner. Use a soft-bristle brush attachment. A soft paintbrush will help you to reach all areas of the item. Spread old newspapers on the floor of a well-ventilated work area. If you work on your furniture in your garage, keep the door open to allow sufficient air flow. Use a paint scraper made from brass or natural fibers to gently remove chips of flaking paint. Wire scrapers can be too harsh and risk damaging the wicker. Put on a pair of disposable latex or rubber gloves to protect your hands. Wear a face mask to avoid inhaling dangerous fumes from the paint stripper. Apply a liquid paint stripper to the piece of wicker furniture. A spray-on stripper may be the easiest method to use. Be prepared to ... more
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