How Do You Remove Perm Odor From Hair?

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1 Answer

If you have ever had a perm, you know how awful the smell can sometimes be. Your typical shampoo or other hair products don't always get rid of the perm odor from the hair, but there is something that you can use that works very well. According to www.tiphero.com, rinsing hair with vinegar after a perm helps in removing perm odor from hair without leaving any vinegar smell in its place. Rinse hair with white vinegar. The vinegar only needs to be on hair for about one to three minutes to rinse the perm odor from hair. Shampoo as usual with your everyday shampoo. This will get any white vinegar residue off of hair. Condition hair as usual with your everyday conditioner to moisturize hair, which is important after a perm. more
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