How Do You Remove Pet Hair From A Wool Blanket?

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1 Answer

Many people consider pets members of the family. As such, the pet often finds its way onto the couch, chair, or stack of laundry setting in the corner. Once your pet walks away, however, it often leaves something behind. Most breeds of cats and dogs are constantly shedding at least some hair. Some breeds shed more than others, and some types of hair are more noticeable than others. Cleaning pet hair from wool is a particular challenge because the nap of the fabric helps the hair stick to the blanket, and not all wool is machine washable. Shake off excess hair. Take the blanket outside and shake it briskly to remove as much excess hair as possible. Roll a lint remover over the blanket to remove hair loosened by shaking. If you don't have a lint remover, tear off a strip of masking tape and use the sticky side over the blanket's surface. Brush the blanket. Use a stiff bristled brush over the entire blanket, on both sides. Use a stiff fabric brush, a scrub brush, or even your pet's ... more
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