How Do You Remove Radiator Hose Clamps?

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There are a few different types of radiator clamps. The most common is the band clamp, which uses a screw to tighten or loosen the slotted clamp. A lot of automobile manufacturers use a crimp-style clamp, which requires removing the radiator hose to remove. Another type of clamp commonly used on imports are wire-crimp clamps, which use a variation of the band and crimp clamp and also requires removing the hose. Removing a radiator or a radiator hose will require the removal or repositioning of the radiator hose clamps, and knowing how to do that will help you move the task along. How To Remove Radiator Hose Clamps Step 1 Position the antifreeze drain bucket beneath the petcock of the radiator and open the petcock by turning it counterclockwise. Always drain the radiator thoroughly before removing radiator hoses. Tighten the petcock after the radiator has drained. Step 2 Loosen the screw on the clamp by turning it counterclockwise with a slotted screwdriver or a nut driver for a band ... more
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