How Do You Remove & Rehang Pocket Doors?

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1 Answer

Pocket doors are a convenient way to provide privacy and security to areas that lack the proper space for traditional hinged doors. A well-installed pocket door should require little in the way of maintenance, but from time to time it may need a little TLC. The simple design of pocket door hardware makes it possible to remove and rehang the door without tools. While you have your door free from the track, you should take care of any adjustments or maintenance that are required. Examine your door and frame. Locate the door stop trim running vertically up the jamb on either side of the door. Pry both pieces loose carefully with a thin, flat pry bar. Work from the bottom, prying a little at a time. Pull the nails out through the back face of the trim using locking pliers to preserve the face of the trim. Pull the door to the center of the opening and tilt the bottom of the door out toward you. Lift the bottom of the door up to about waist-high. Lift up on the top of the door to lift the ... more
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