How Do You Remove & Reuse A Golf Grip?

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1 Answer

You can save money by changing the grips on your clubs yourself. You can save even more money if you save the grips that are already on your clubs and reuse them for new clubs. Of course they will need to be in good shape with no wear and be clean. When doing this for the first time, take extra caution as not to damage the grip. Sometimes it may take a few practice runs to get it right, so if you can, start on a club that you don't use. Attach the rubber vise clamp on the club shaft several inches from the start of the grip. Put the club with the rubber vise clamp on it into the table vise and close the table vise tight enough so the club doesn't move. Pour mineral spirits or grip solvent into the pressurized grip remover and twist the top back on. Tighten the needle at the top to ensure proper solvent flow. Pierce with the needle underneath the grip and towards the butt very slowly as parallel to the grip as you can get. The underneath area of the grip is the thickest so the hole ... more
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