How Do You Remove Rust From A Metal Garage Door?

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1 Answer

All garage doors, whether they are metal or not, need to have their metal parts (springs, hinges, etc.) oiled regularly with WD-40 or another lubricant to keep them running smoothly and to prevent rust. However, when you are dealing with a steel garage door, you may encounter more serious rust problems that present cosmetic difficulties as well as ultimately interfering with the functionality of your door. If you have rust spots on your garage door, then you must remove them immediately and take steps to prevent them from returning. If the door is extremely rusty, you may have to strip the entire area. However, in many cases you can spot-treat the problem to prevent it from growing. Wash the entire door. Use the spray bottle to apply a mixture of hot water and 5 drops of liquid detergent. Wipe down the door using a cleaning rag, and attack tough spots of grime with the scrub brush. Removing dirt and buildup will help you identify rusted areas so that you do not have to do any more ... more
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