How Do You Remove Rust From Lamps?

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1 Answer

If you keep a lamp in a damp or humid environment, the metal portions of the lamp may develop a layer of rust. Fortunately, rust is fairly easy to remove without damaging the remainder of your delicate item. All you need is a little patience and some items that are probably already in your kitchen cabinets. Remove the shade from the lamp. In most cases, the shade will either screw on at the top of the lamp or clip on over the bulb. Once you have removed the shade, inspect it for rust damage. If you do not see any rust on the metal framework, you can set the shade to the side. Examine the entire frame for rust. As you do so, wipe down the lamp with a damp rag and three drops of liquid dish soap. Wiping down the lamp will remove dust and grime while ensuring that you spot every bit of rust. Clean any rusted metal with vinegar and baking soda. Saturate a cleaning rag with vinegar and wipe down the metal. Use firm pressure and be careful to keep the vinegar off the lampshade when ... more
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