How Do You Remove Scratches From A Glass Stove Top?

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1 Answer

Ceramic or glass stove tops are the latest look for stoves in today's homes. Many people like them because of their easy cleaning and light maintenance. Scratches do happen, and there are ways to get rid of them. For the most part, being very careful about what you put on the stove is a must when it comes to protecting the surface. Check your pots and pans to make sure they are smooth across the bottom. Never slide cookware across the top of the stove. This will create scratches and further damage. Wipe off all residues with the sponge. Scrub off as much food as possible Squeeze the cleaning solution over the stove in a zig-zag pattern. Do not over saturate. Scrape off scratches and burnt on food with the razor blade and cleaning solution. Use the dry wash cloth to buff the stove. more
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