How Do You Remove Scratches In A Black Porcelain Sink?

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1 Answer

For durability and aesthetic purposes, porcelain can be an optimal choice for bathroom fixtures. Porcelain sinks are available in a variety of colors to complement any decor. Because of its versatility, black is often a popular choice. Occasionally, these sinks may be affected by superficial damage such as scratches. These are problems that can usually be addressed without having to contact a professional. Check the extent of the damage. Do-it-yourself surface repairs are only recommended for small jobs. If the sink has a fair amount of damage, it may be a better choice to go with a professional who can resurface the fixture. However, if it is a small scratch, it can be remedied with relative ease. Choose a porcelain repair kit. If the company that manufactured the sink offers repair kits, check there first, as it will likely be easier to make a good color match. Because there are variances in the shade of black, it is recommended to go a shade lighter if an exact match cannot be ... more
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