How Do You Remove Shrink Wrap From Boats?

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1 Answer

Removing shrink wrap from a boat is no more difficult than removing shrink wrap from any other package. You need to cut it carefully to avoid damaging what's beneath the shrink wrap. Fortunately, there are specialized knives (called rigger's knives) that make it easy to slide along one surface while cutting another, because of the shape of their blade. With the right tools, removing the shrink wrap from your boat doesn't need to eat up time you could be spending on the water. Step 1 Slip the point of the marlinespike (the spike on the back of the knife) of the rigger's knife into the shrink wrap near the stern (the back end) of the boat, over the cockpit area, so that you don't damage the boat. Withdraw the marlinespike and slip the blade of the rigger's knife into the hole with the sharp edge of the blade pointing toward the front of the boat. The rigger's knife has a "sheepfoot" blade shape; the sharp edge is straight, and the back of the blade, unsharpened, curves down to the ... more
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