How Do You Remove Tags From Decorative Pillows?

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1 Answer

Throw pillows are an essential accessory for every couch. But when you've got new throw pillows, those plastic information tags that come with them are annoying, ugly and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, the manufacturers don't exactly make it easy to remove these cumbersome little things, but if you want yours gone for good without ruining the comfort or attractiveness of your throw pillows, here's a few tips. Ignore the warning label. While the strong language and bold, capitalized letters instructing the reader "do not remove under penalty of law" can be intimidating and cause confusion for many pillow owners, these instructions are intended for retail sellers, not those of us who purchase pillows. This is because the tag contains information about what materials were used in the manufacturing of the pillow, information which sellers legally must disclose to consumers. Rest assured, you won't get in any trouble for removing a tag from a pillow in your own home! Resist the temptation ... more
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