How Do You Remove The Back Of A Dryer?

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1 Answer

The heating element, thermostat and other heating-related components can be found inside the back of most dryer models. For this reason it is necessary to know how to remove the back of a dryer. The back panel is removed the same way on most common dryer models. Unplug the dryer power cord from the dryer wall outlet. Pull the dryer away from the wall so that you have room to work behind the dryer. Disconnect the vent duct from the exhaust on the back of the dryer. Use a screwdriver to loosen the clamp securing the vent duct to the exhaust port. Pull the vent duct off of the exhaust port and position the duct out of your way. Locate the electrical service panel that is beside the electrical cord where it enters the dryer. Remove the screws that secure the access panel to the back of the dryer. Loosen the terminal block screws that secure the three or four wires of the power cord with a screwdriver. Loosen the clamp on the outside back of the dryer that secures the power cord to the ... more
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