How Do You Remove The Membrane From Monkfish?

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1 Answer

When you get monkfish from your local fishmonger, it will likely already have its skin removed. But underneath a monkfish's skin lies a thin membrane that is often left behind. If cooked on the fish, this membrane will become tough, rubbery and give your monkfish the texture and flavor of an old tire. Removing the monkfish's membrane is a fairly straightforward process that only requires a sharp knife to accomplish. Sharpen your knife. The type of knife that you use does not make a big difference. Ideally you should use a fillet knife but even a paring knife will do in a pinch. The most important consideration here is sharpness. Lay your monkfish on a clean counter or cutting board. Start at the top end of the fillet. Insert your knife between the membrane and the fillet next to the spine of the monkfish. Slide your knife under the membrane and cut outward toward the side of the monkfish fillet to free the membrane from the fillet. Continue to work towards the tail end of the fish, ... more
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