How Do You Remove Type Ink From Paper?

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1 Answer

If you've ever made a mistake on an important document that you cannot reproduce, you might not want to use traditional methods like white out to cover up the mistake. And unless you've used erasable ink, which you haven't if the ink is typed ink, then removing the ink from the paper can be challenging. Rather than having to discard of the document or make the error worse, with the appropriate chemicals, you can remove type ink from paper. Mix 5 tbsp. of water with 1 tbsp. of spirit of salts (also known as hydrochloric acid). Put on a pair of rubber gloves in order to protect your hands while working with these chemicals. Dip the cotton ball in the diluted spirit of salts solution, and then dab the solution on the type ink that you wish to remove from the paper. Allow the solution to sit on the paper for approximately one minute before removing it with another clean, water-dampened cotton ball. The type ink should rub off the paper onto the clean cotton ball. more
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