How Do You Remove Water Stains On Wood Veneer?

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1 Answer

Immediate action is always crucial after an episode that can lead to a stain. The longer a stain sits, the harder it is to remove. The best case scenario concerning water stains on wood is to soak up any water with an absorbent cloth immediately. Having wood with a wax finish decreases the chance of a stain setting in. If a water stain penetrates your wood veneer, there are two ways to remove it. One involves a harsh chemical, the other lots of elbow grease. Pour oxalic acid into a heat-resistant glass jar. Add hot water and mix thoroughly. Put on rubber gloves. Apply mixture to the wooden surface with a sponge. Cover the entire surface, not only the location of the stain. Oxalic acid has a bleaching effect, and it is better to have evenly distributed color changes. Allow this to sit 20 minutes. During this time, rinse the heat resistant glass jar for use in step four. Wipe up the area with a clean dry cloth. Mix a solution of 1 tsp. ammonia to 1 qt. water in the glass jar you used ... more
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