How Do You Remove Wax From Brass Candlesticks?

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1 Answer

Less expensive than silver or gold, brass still has a luster that can beautifully reflect the glow of a candle. Because they are slow to tarnish, brass candle holders have been a favorite of households for centuries. But no matter how carefully you watch them, candle wax may drip down onto the holder. Whether your brass candlesticks are a treasured antique or a more recent acquisition, you can remove the wax without harming them. Test to see whether your candlestick is solid brass. Put a small magnet on your candlestick. If it falls off, your piece is solid brass. If it sticks, the candlestick is actually steel with a coating of brass. Be careful not to chip the coating off when trying to remove the wax. Put your brass candlestick in the fridge for at least an hour. Remove the candlestick and carefully chip away the wax. If time is too short to wait that long, try putting it in the freezer for a couple of minutes. If your brass piece is an elaborate candelabra too large to fit in ... more
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