How Do You Repair A Bathroom Wall After Removing Tile?

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Removing wall tile can leave minor to severe underlying damage to the walls. Ceramic tile is installed with one of two types of adhesive: glue-based adhesive called mastic, or cement-based adhesive called thin set. If thin set is used, the damage can be severe. If the underlying wall is a cement-type board, you may have to replace it depending on whether you are going to paint it or install new tile over it. If the wall is going to be painted, the cement board should be removed and replaced with a drywall that is moisture-resistant to achieve professional results. Repairing the damage after tile is removed involves various techniques. Once the tile is removed, you will need to first scrape the wall with a floor scraper, drywall knife or putty knife. The floor scraper is a tool you can pick up at your local hardware store. It is used mostly to scrape mastic and/or thin set from floors. It has a 3-inch or 4-inch razor blade on one end opposite the handle. If you are on a budget, one of ... more
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