How Do You Repair A Broken Coffee Mug Handle?

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1 Answer

In a simple twist of fate, the handle of your best coffee mug suddenly fell off. Now you have a handle-less cup, and a cup-less handle. Here's how to put them back together. Step 1 Make sure the break is clean. Don't further damage the break (you'll want the pieces to fit together exactly) but make sure nothing is sticking out that prevents the pieces from fitting back together. Step 2 Mix the epoxy. If you are using a two part epoxy, mix the epoxy on a scrap piece of cardboard. Stir the epoxy with a small, slightly larger than match size piece of wood or stiff cardboard. The epoxy will thicken as it's mixed together. Step 3 Apply the epoxy. Dab a small amount of the epoxy (or ceramic glue) on the top and bottom of the broken handle, and also the two handle breaks on the the mug. Step 4 Firmly press together. Firmly press the handle back onto the mug so that the pieces fit perfectly. Step 5 Hold the handle in place. Use masking (yellowish tape used during paint projects) or ... more
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