How Do You Repair A Magic Bullet Blender?

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1 Answer

A wonderful addition to the kitchen, the Magic Bullet is a small blender with "As seen on TV" status. The power base is the "heart" of the Magic Bullet. Unfortunately, the power base often suffers from a failure of the plastic gear. A new base may also fail due to the plastic gear, but this article will show you how to fix the problem for good. Unplug the Magic Bullet blender and examine the Power Base. The plastic gear is at the interface for attachements and is mounted on a brass gear of the motor axle. The plastic gear will appear missing, cracked, or otherwise broken. Completely remove the plastic gear so that only the brass gear remains. Turn the Power base on its side. Place a small screw driver in a hole on the bottom of the power base. This will brace the motor in place. Hold the brass gear with a pair of pliers or vice grips and remove the gear by rotating CLOCKWISE. Pick a blade to sacrifice for parts. The basic unit comes with two blades (1 Flat Blade and 1 Cross Blade). ... more
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