How Do You Repair A Price Pfister Faucet?

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1 Answer

Your Price Pfister faucet has a simple design, so it is durable and easy to repair. The O-rings on the bottom of the cartridge can get worn out, and replacing them may fix a leak. You should put your sink back together after replacing the O-rings to see if the faucet has stopped leaking before you replace the cartridge. Unless you know the exact model of Price Pfister faucet you have, you should take the old cartridge to the hardware store to get an exact replacement. Step 1 Turn off the water supply underneath the sink. Locate the set screw in the handle. It will be either in the front or the back of the round part of the handle (below the long part of the handle). Loosen and remove the handle set screw with an Allen wrench. Step 2 Lift the handle off of the base. Price Pfister kitchen faucets have a one-piece collar that rests directly below the handle, and Price Pfister bathroom faucets have a a two-part collar. Remove the collar. This will fully expose the cartridge. Step 3 There ... more
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