How Do You Repair A Rotted Soffit?

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The soffit is that area that lies underneath the exterior overhang of your roof's eaves. The soffit covers interior rafters and prevents birds and small animals from entering your home beneath the fascia. If any section of the soffit is rotted, you need to repair it. Repairing a rotted soffit will prevent further deterioration of adjoining soffit as well as the fascia. Step 1 Identify the section or sections of soffit that need repair. Step 2 Remove any molding that may run along the edge of the soffit. This may be along the edge that butts against the exterior wall and/or along the edge that aligns with the fascia. Step 3 Locate the seams to either side of the rotted area. Use a utility or razor knife to cut the seams. This will slice through the caulking used to seam the soffit lengths together. Step 4 Use a pry bar to remove the rotted section of soffit. Be careful of falling debris. Remove any old nails that may still be lodged in the rafters. Step 5 Determine if there are any ... more
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