How Do You Repair A Sagging Auto Headliner?

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1 Answer

As many cars age, the headliner material on the ceiling of the passenger compartment will begin to sag. Sometimes the situation becomes so bad that the material will rip and fall and could obstruct the driver's view, becoming a safety hazard. Even if it may not get to this point, it can be an irritation when the windows are open and the headliner is flapping in the breeze. This problem can be fixed with a small amount of money and some time to do the job. How to Repair a Sagging Auto Headliner Step 1 Remove the dome light from the ceiling of the car by gently squeezing and removing the plastic cover over the light bulb. There should be several screws that can be removed, allowing for the light fixture to dangle by its wires. The wires can be removed by disconnecting them from the wires coming out of the ceiling. Usually, they are connected with snap connectors, which can easily be disconnected. Step 2 Remove the trim all the way around the headliner. Some of the trim, such as that by ... more
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