How Do You Repair A Shower Diverter On Stanadyne Faucets?

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1 Answer

Stanadyne's three-handle shower valve assembly uses a diverter valve to direct the flow of water to either the bathtub spout or the shower head. If water leaks from the tub's spout when the shower is in use, chances are good that the rubber stem washer located at the back of the diverter valve must be replaced. Thankfully, doing so is a relatively easy task that can be completed with a few common household tools. Step 1 Turn off the building's supply of water at the main water valve. The main water valve is located at the exterior of the structure next to the water meter and must be turned in a clockwise direction. Step 2 Remove the diverter valve handle. Some Stanadyne models feature a plastic cap in the center of the handle, sometimes referred to as an "index cap." This index cap conceals the single screw that attaches the handle to the valve. Pry the index cap off of the handle with a flathead screwdriver, then remove the screw with a Phillips head screwdriver and pull the handle ... more
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