How Do You Repair A Torn Convertible Soft Top?

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2 Answers

Repairing a convertible soft top after burglary, vandalism, or an accidental tear can be costly. It is usually much better investment to replace your torn convertible top rather than to patch or repair it. Because it takes some time for you to find a specialist to replace your top, here is a quick fix that will protect your car from moisture in the meantime. Step 1 Loosen your convertible soft top so that you can move it up and down freely. Apply Duct Tape underneath the soft top along the tear to bring the loose flaps of material together. This will make the convertible top easier to repair. Step 2 Using the heavy polyester thread, sew the edges of the cut together, grabbing the material about 5mm from the edge. Think of a baseball when you are stitching; the pattern should resemble a "z", with the slanted part of the stitch visible from the top and the flat part visible underneath. This technique will keep you from accidentally sewing wrinkles into your convertible soft top. Step 3 ... more
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