How Do You Repair A Torn RV Awning?

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1 Answer

At the first indication of a rip or a rear in your RV Awning, it is important that the rip does not get any longer or the hole any bigger. Small repairs are much easier to fix than replacing the whole awning. Repairing a rip in an RV awning is similar to repairing a rip in a tent. If your rip is longer than 3 feet or 1/4 the length of the awning, you may want to have someone sew the section or you may need to replace the awning completely. Check with your RV dealer for additional information on replacing the damaged awning. At the camping supply store or the RV Sales depot, purchase a roll of clear RV Awning Repair Tape. It usually cost about $15 a roll and the roll is usually 15 feet long. At the location where the tear is, clean the top and bottom surface of the awning according to the package directions on the repair tape. The surface must be very clean and dry! Do not use oil or silicone based cleaners or the tape will not stick for very long. Against a flat surface, piece the ... more
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