How Do You Repair A Ventriloquist Doll?

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1 Answer

The repair of a ventriloquist dummy or doll is sometimes mandatory if you want to sell a collectible one. Each part of a ventriloquist doll can be both simple and complex, even though they're all easily fixable with a little knowledge of how the dummy's parts give the illusion of life. Check the mouth of the ventriloquist's dummy. The rubber hand that controls the mouth is usually the first part to deteriorate on an older doll. Take the head off the dummy by pulling up on it. A fastener holds it in place on newer dolls, though older ones have wires and a rubber band holding the head in place. Be careful when taking the head off on the older dolls because it could easily fall off and get broken. Look at the condition of the rubber band controlling the mouth. Replace it with a new rubber band or, better, a strong elastic cord for longer life if you intend to perform with the doll and have it be overly talkative. Place the new elastic cord in the same manner as the old, firmly attaching ... more
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