How Do You Repair A Wobbly Floor Lamp?

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A floor lamp is one way to create extra light in a room and fill an empty space. Floor lamps have a base that sits directly on the floor. The lamp post sometimes turns in small increments when you change the light bulb or turn the lamp on and off. Because of this, the bolt or nut securing the post can become loose. When this happens, the center bolt or nut literally lifts the base off the floor, causing the lamp to be wobbly. Repairing a wobbly floor lamp is a simple matter of adjusting either the base feet or the center securing mechanism. Unplug the floor lamp from the wall outlet. Remove the shade and the light bulb from the lamp. Lay the lamp on the floor on its side so you can access the bottom of the lamp base. If your lamp has a flat base, turn the lamp base leg knobs clockwise to ensure none of them are loose. Leg knobs are simple round balls or blocks on the base of the lamp that provide space between the base and the floor. With a flat head screwdriver or wrench, rotate the ... more
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