How Do You Repair An Eave From Termite Damage?

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Repairing an eave after termite damage doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, the repair itself depends on the severity of damage to the eave. If you have several holes in the eave but most of it is intact, you have a simple patch-up job on your hands. If the eave is all but totally eaten away, you'll likely need to replace the eave entirely. Either way, repairing an eave due to termite damage is a prime candidate for a do-it-yourself project. Step 1 Rid your house completely of the termite infestation. It's a waste of time to repair termite damage if they're just going to come back and create more damage. Get a professional guarantee from a reputable termite extermination company. Step 2 Use a wood filler to patch holes the termites have made in your eaves. Wood filler usually comes in a paste or gel-like consistency. Use a putty knife to apply the wood filler to the holes in the eaves. Smooth the wood filler as much as you can, and let it dry and harden. Step 3 Sand the hardened ... more
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