How Do You Repair Dog Tracking Collars At Home?

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1 Answer

Dog tracking collars are useful pieces of equipment for owners of hunting dogs who may have to release the dogs out of their line of sight. The tracking collar can be located using a tracking device that comes with the collar, to prevent the dog from chasing after a bird and getting lost. Collars can eventually break, at which point repairs will be needed to ensure that you won't lose your dog. Remove the end cap of the transmitter unit and clean the contact points. Apply rubbing alcohol to the rag by placing the balled up rag over the neck of the bottle, overturning the bottle briefly, then righting the bottle again to transfer a small amount of alcohol to the rag. Rub the alcohol onto the contact points on the inside of the cap to remove any buildup. Swap the end cap of the collar with the end cap of a second collar, if you own collars for more than one dog and cleaning the cap does not fix the problem. If the residue has been removed and the transmitter still does not work with ... more
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