How Do You Repair Hardie Plank Siding?

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1 Answer

The main reason Hardie plank siding has become so popular is because it is so durable. It has the same look as wood and vinyl siding, but it requires far less maintenance and repair than both. Hardie plank siding is made from fiber cement, which makes it very heavy and long-lasting. Hardie plank siding comes with a 50-year warranty. Installing Hardie plank can be more labor-intensive than installing other types of siding. If problems occur that require repair, it will most likely be because of a faulty repair. Step 1 Prevent installation problems by hiring a qualified and experienced professional to install your Hardie plank siding. Installing Hardie plank is different than installing traditional wood or vinyl siding, so you want to find someone who has extensive experience working with these materials. Step 2 Make your installer repair any structural problems from insect or water damage before beginning installation. Some bad installations are due to failure to prep the home ... more
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