How Do You Repair Nerve Damage From Chemotherapy?

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Chemotherapy is a drug treatment that uses strong chemicals to kill cancer cells. A cancer patient can undergo three or more sessions a week. Unfortunately, the chemical components in chemotherapy kill normal healthy cells as well. Chemotherapy also destroys nerve cells, which is why cancer patients experience a lot of pain during and after sessions. However, detox with powerful natural supplements and certain yoga exercises can help repair nerve damage. According to Dr. B.T. Chidananda Murthy, director for the Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy, natural dietetics and nutrition, along with extensive techniques of yoga therapy are "potent" tools. The benefits of supplements and yoga can also be seen in patients with type II diabetes, which like cancer, causes nerve damage. Drink Noni Juice. This juice contains compounds called turbenes, which help reduce the amount of deterioration in the nerve tissues. Drink one glass in the morning and another at bedtime. Noni can be ... more
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