How Do You Repair Rusty Rocker Panels?

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1 Answer

When a car starts to rust, it's literally being eaten alive; if it gets bad enough, the panels need to be replaced. A common area to find rust are the rocker panels because of their proximity to the ground, and therefore salt and water damage. Fixing a rusty rocker panel involves removing the infected metal and replacing it with a sheet metal replacement, usually available at a restoration specialist. Step 1 Open the door of the vehicle and place the replacement rocker panel over the rusted rocker panel. This should fit fairly tightly over the panel, but not perfectly since it is designed to replace the panel. Mark the edges of the replacement rocker panel onto the sheet metal below using the permanent marker. Step 2 Remove the replacement rocker and cut out the rusted rocker using the angle grinder with the cut-off wheel attachment. Make sure to cut inside of your lines, as its easier to cut out more sheetmetal than to replace it. Step 3 Grind the edges of both the replacement ... more
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