How Do You Repair Scuffs On Leather Shoes?

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1 Answer

Scuff marks steal the luster from leather shoes. An errant step, a clumsy dance partner or contact with a sharp or abrasive object is all it takes to leave your shoes looking scraped and blemished. But scuffed leather shoes are not necessarily lost. Minor scuffs and even some major ones can be buffed out and covered up. Knowing how to remove scuffs can save you the cost of new shoes and the trouble of finding a comparable pair. Dull Leather Shoes Step 1 Bring your shoes when you buy the refinishing spray; you'll need them to ensure the spray matches the color of the leather. Step 2 Wash the spot you wish to refinish. In a well-ventilated area, use a light shoe-cleaning cloth and leather preparer. Allow the shoes to dry, and repeat until the shoe's finish is dull and even. Step 3 Cover the shoe in masking tape, except for the scuffed areas. Step 4 Spray the shoe evenly across the leather. Allow it to dry and repeat until the spot has a consistent color. Step 5 Remove the masking tape ... more
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