How Do You Repair Suzuki Samurai Rear Brakes?

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1 Answer

Suzuki Samurai utilize drum style rear brakes, which can wear out and require routine maintenance to operate effectively. The drum and shoes are normal replacement items, but taking the time to replace the springs and the wheel cylinder can dramatically improve braking ability. The average backyard mechanic can repair the rear brakes on a Samurai in about an hour. Step 1 Lift the rear wheel of the Samurai by placing the jack head on a frame rail nearby and pumping the lever until the wheel is in the air. Secure the frame rail with a jack stand. Step 2 Remove the wheel by turning all lug nuts counterclockwise and pulling the wheel free. Set the wheel aside, away from the work area. Step 3 Remove the drum by sliding it away from the brake assembly. Some models could have keeper screws on the face of the drum, which come out counterclockwise. Inspect the drum surface and the brake components for damage, leaks or excessive wear. Step 4 Remove the shoes by levering off the long springs ... more
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