How Do You Repair The ABS And Speed Sensor In A Dodge Dakota Truck (1998)?

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1 Answer

Today, I'm going to repair the ABS and speed sensor in my Dodge Dakota. The ABS and check engine lights keep coming on and stay on. When I did a code, it's reading that my speeds sensor is the problem. So I'm going to repair my speed sensor and ABS. So let's get started, just follow the steps below to continue. Start by jacking up the truck. Then support it on jack stands. Now look at the rear axle and locate the speed sensor. If you have problems finding it, use a service manual to help you. The ABS and sped sensor should be together. I had a broken wire on the speed sensor. So I'm going to remove the sensor. So go ahead and remove the sensor. Refer to a service manual to help remove the sensor. Cut the wires. Go to a junk yard that sells speed sensors. Get one for a Dodge Dakota. Once you get your new sensor, strip the ends of the wires. Do the same for the wires on the truck. Now just solder the ends together. Once you get a good connection, use heat shrink to heat shrink the ... more
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