How Do You Repair The Wood Floor On A Utility Trailer?

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Wooden flooring on utility trailers are subject to severe weathering and abuse. As the wood becomes weathered, areas become rotted. If the damaged portions aren't repaired, heavy items being hauled on the trailer can fall through the floor, posing a serious road hazard. Fortunately, repairing a wooden utility trailer floor isn't difficult, requiring only moderate physical abilities and the ability to measure. Inspect the ends of your wooden floor, making note of how the lumber is attached to the frame so you may select the proper tools to remove the wood if necessary. Remove one of the floor boards, if separate individual boards are used for the flooring, with a proper screwdriver or wrench. Measure the lumber to determine what its dimensions are, measuring the length, height, and the width. Keep the old lumber so you can use it as a reference in measuring where you will drill your mounting holes in the new lumber. Purchase the needed lumber to replace the bad sections. Don't attempt ... more
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