How Do You Repair Warped Veneer Furniture?

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1 Answer

Extreme heat and dampness can really play a number on wood veneer furniture. Furniture with veneer is especially sensitive to weather. Heat, water, cold and dampness can cause the veneer to warp, peel or separate from the wood surface. Learn how to repair warped veneer furniture the correct way. Step 1 Protect veneer wood furniture by keeping it out of direct sunlight. Putting a coffee table or an end table that has a veneer surface near a window that gets a lot of sunlight is not a good idea. Also keep veneer furniture away from damp areas and avoid setting cold or hot beverages without protection on veneer furniture. Keep veneer furniture away from direct heat sources such as furnace vents. Step 2 Cut the warped veneer along the grain with a utility knife. Do this gently, taking care not to damage the wood. If possible, cut a definite shape like a square or a triangle. This makes it easier to replace. Step 3 Use a piece of paper and pencil to rub the cut-out area to get an imprint ... more
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