How do you replace a power window motor on a 1991 Ford Explorer?

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This is a work in progress - replacing rear passenger side window regulator with broken cable on '91 Ford Explorer: Caution: Expect the entire exercise to take the larger part of your weekend. Remove all interior door handles, trim, plastic backing and speakers; remove all exterior trim including the rubber gaskets, small rear window section and window guides. If you do not how to get here, I suggest that you do not attempt this task beacuse it is probably beyond your capability. No insult intended, Ford made it rather difficult to perform the next step. Remove window: drill out aluminum rivets attaching the window mounting bracket to the slide. This is a rather difficult task if you do not have acordless drill and several small (1/16) drill bits. Drill a series of holes in the aluminum material of the rivet (the center is a relatively hard steel shank used to expand the rivet on the inside). Punch out the stem, break apa more
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