How Do You Replace An Isuzu Trooper Oxygen Sensor?

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The oxygen sensors on your Isuzu Trooper constantly measure the oxygen content in the exhaust gasses going through the exhaust pipes. This information is fed to your vehicle's computer to evaluate, along with other data, the air/fuel mixture, which affects engine performance. Depending on the particular model, your Trooper might be equipped with one or more of these sensors. Start the engine and let it warm up for about three minutes. Then turn off the engine. This will help remove the oxygen sensor in case the sensor threads or mounting screws have seized onto the exhaust pipe. Detach the ground battery cable using a wrench. Locate the oxygen sensor you want to remove. Depending on your particular model, your Isuzu Trooper may have one or more of these types of oxygen sensors: an upstream sensor (located between the exhaust manifold and catalytic converter) and a downstream sensor (located on the back exhaust pipe). Raise the front of your Trooper using a floor jack and support it ... more
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