How Do You Replace Baseboard Heating Covers?

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1 Answer

Baseboard heating covers protect the heating element from becoming damaged. It also helps to protect against injury to yourself or others if they accidentally come in contact with the baseboard heater. Over time, baseboard heating covers can become dirty, stained, damaged, and you may want to replace them. Before beginning the replacement process you will need to measure the depth, length and height of your cover. Once you have these measurements you will be able to purchase the correct size cover for your baseboard heater and install it accordingly. Place wood shims behind the back plate of the baseboard. Cut the nails or screws that are securing the baseboard plate to the wall with a reciprocating saw. Remove and discard the adjustable dampers from the hangers. This can be achieved by pulling straight up and out. Push the heating element up a few inches. You will need someone to hold the heating element up for you. Remove the back plate from the hangers with the use of a flathead ... more
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