How do you replace license plate light bulb on 2008 Honda Odyssey?

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1 Answer

05+ Honda Odyssey license plate lights. Pop out the license plate lights in the rear. There are two of them. Use a flathead screw driver with a towel to protect the plastic trim. Be sure to pop out the assembly lifting from the outside of car end toward the inside, as there is a plastic hook on the inside end that will break if you try to pop it out from that side. inOnce the unit pops out, you disconnect the power to the light assembly. Use the flathead screw driver and pop out the sides of the inner clear light assembly. They are on the sides. Once that is done, remove the light bulb and replace with a new bulb. Pop in the clear light assembly cover, attach the power and pop the entire unit back into the location. Turn on lights to see if the bulb is working and it is is then you're done. Approximately 10-15 minutes total. more
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