How Do You Replace Rollers On Sliding Glass Doors?

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Sliding glass doors have one stationary door and one that slides. Rollers are located on the bottom of the sliding door, which gives it the ability to slide. Replacing the rollers on the sliding glass door is not hard, but takes more than one person and at least an hour of your time. It is better to replace the rollers yourself if you feel you can do it, since hiring a professional will cost you more than $100. Remove the stationary door first. (Most sliding doors can only be removed from the outside, which will require you to remove the stationary door first.) Unscrew the screws that hold in the stationary door. Use a screwdriver to push up from the bottom of the stationary door as you have another person hold it from the outside and pull out. Move the wheels up into the sliding door. They can easily be pushed upward into the bottom frame of the sliding glass door. This will give you enough room to lift the door and pull outward. Remove the screws on the sliding door. There are two ... more
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