How Do You Replace The Bathroom Floor In A Mobile Home?

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1 Answer

Replacing a bathroom floor in a mobile home is a common repair because of a high incidence of water damage. Such damage in the bathroom floor feels like a soft, spongy spot, especially if the subflooring was originally constructed with particle board that becomes soft and weak when exposed to water. To replace the bathroom floor, remove the old floor covering and subflooring, reinforce the joists, install new insulation and construct new subflooring. If you can use a circular saw, drill, and a putty knife, you can handle this project. Step 1 Turn off the main water valve that brings water into the house. Remove the toilet. Remove the existing vinyl or carpet floor covering, door tracks, and floor registers to expose the subflooring. Step 2 Cut along the wall edge with a circular saw or reciprocating saw. Remove screws and nails from the subflooring to remove it. For easy removal of the old floor, cut between each floor joist with a circular saw, and remove the old floor in sections ... more
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