How Do You Replace The Battery In A 2005 Corvette?

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1 Answer

Unlike most modern American cars, the Chevrolet Corvette's battery is not located under the hood with the engine. Batteries do not respond well to heat, so to optimize battery life, the Corvette's battery sits behind the driver's seat. Depending on the body style of your Corvette, you may have an easier time accessing it by going behind the driver's seat, or by going through the rear hatch. Determine how best to access the battery. If you have a hardtop or convertible, move the driver's seat as far forward as possible. If you have a hatchback, raise the rear hatch and access the battery from there. Disconnect the negative battery cable and then the positive battery cable using the battery terminal wrench. Always remove the negative cable first. Use the socket set to unbolt the battery hold-down bracket. Lift the battery out of the battery tray and set it aside. Place the new battery into the tray, facing the same direction the old one faced. Reinstall the hold-down bracket with the ... more
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