How Do You Replace The Carpet On A Cat Scratching Post?

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1 Answer

Cats need a place to scratch and sharpen their claws. Without a scratching post, they may scratch your furniture or carpet. The time will come when you will need to replace the carpet on the cat's scratching post. While it may seem easier to buy a new post, they can be expensive, and throwing the old one away may seem wasteful. It is less expensive and more environmentally friendly to replace the carpeting on your old one. Remove the existing carpet from the scratching post. Check for nails or staples holding the carpet in place and carefully remove those. Find the edge of the carpeting and gently begin pulling it away from the base. If it is glued on, use a utility knife to cut the carpet away from the post. Cut the carpet remnant to size. If you managed to get the old carpet off in one piece, use it as a template. Otherwise, wrap your remnant wrong side out around the post, and mark where it needs to be trimmed to fit. Spread rubber cement on the back of the carpet and another ... more
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