How Do You Replace The Diverter In A Kohler Kitchen Faucet?

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1 Answer

Many Kohler kitchen faucet assemblies feature a diverter valve, which operates to change the course of the water from the faucet's spout to a remote spray gun when the gun's handle is pressed. A defective diverter valve is most commonly associated with a gradual decrease in the spray gun's water pressure, typically due to an accumulation of mineral deposits. Fortunately, replacement Kohler diverter valves are readily available and take only a few minutes to install. Access the pair of in-line water supply valves underneath the sink and twist each valve to the right until it stops to turn the water off. Raise the faucet handle upward to evacuate any remaining water from the water line. Remove the set screw from the base of the handle with an Allen wrench and lift the handle off of the assembly. Grasp the knurled base of the cone-shaped faucet cap with a pair of adjustable pliers, then twist the cap in a counterclockwise direction until it detaches from the assembly to reveal the ... more
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