How Do You Replace The Heater Core In A Geo Metro?

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1 Answer

The heater core in a Geo/Chevy Metro is located behind its instrument panel. You need to remove the panel, if you want to replace the heater core itself. Like most auto maintenance, you should perform this task with extreme caution. Unplug the negative cable from the Geo Metro's battery. Raise the car and drain the cooling system (into a clean container, if you plan to reuse it). Do this by opening the drain plug on the bottom of the radiator and then replacing it after all the coolant flows out. Lower the car and remove the instrument panel (this should take at least two people). Disconnect the heater hoses where they connect to the heater core tubes at the firewall. Detach the temperature and mode control cables from the heater housing. Take off the housing from the evaporator assembly, unless the car doesn't have air conditioning. In that case, remove the air duct from the housing to the blower motor assembly. Disassemble the heater case assembly after removing it from the Geo ... more
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