How Do You Replace The Heater Core In A Pontiac Grand Am?

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1 Answer

Replacing the heater core in a Pontiac Grand Am is simple enough. But reaching the core is another matter. It is positioned behind the instrument panel, which must be removed. Confirm all removal procedures with your mechanic or another expert before attempting such maintenance yourself. Drain the engine coolant from the Grand Am's cooling system. Disable the air bag system. Discharge and recover the air conditioner refrigerant. Disconnect both the evaporator and heater hoses, along with the drain tube elbow and heater case plate for the heater pipes and evaporator block. Disassemble every component on the dashboard and remove it. This includes the sound insulators, tilt steering lever, steering column covers, hazard warning switch, driver inflator module, steering wheel, radio, gearshift handle, ignition switch bolts, electrical box connections, fog lamp switch, and windshield garnish molding. Take out the air distribution and floor air ducts. Remove the tie bar. Disconnect the ... more
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