How Do You Replace The Ignition Coil In A Pontiac Bonneville?

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1 Answer

Pontiac uses both a distributor ignition system (DI) and a distributorless ignition system (DIS) in the Bonneville. The system used depends mainly on the year Pontiac manufactured the car. Both systems utilize a Bonneville ignition coil to generate combustion by converting low-voltage power from the battery into a high-voltage spark that triggers the spark plugs. Step 1 Disconnect the ground battery cable. This cable connects to the negative terminal post on the battery. Isolate it to prevent injuries and accidents. Step 2 Access the Bonneville ignition coil. On the 4.6L engine, you need to take off the fuel injection sight shield, separate the ignition coil cover from the cam cover on Bank 1, detach the secondary air injection (AIR) vent solenoid electrical connector and remove the check valve for the AIR. If you need to access the ignition coil on Bank 2, take off the upper filler panel. Step 3 Detach the ignition coil wiring harness and electrical connector from the ignition coil. ... more
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